You deserve the world
My name is Thomasina. I'm the girl who used to care until the world broke her.
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dani levine

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It seemed like you could know me. Like you could understand anything I told you. And the more we spoke, I knew why. The same things excited us. The same things concerned us.

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Happiness begins with you. Not with your relationship, your friends, or your job. But with you.


crying is the biggest bullshit ever its like “oh you’re feeling sad and vulnerable, lets make liquid come flying out of your face and make it really loud too so everyone around you will sense your weakness” who the fuck authorized this. its terrible planning, id like to file a complaint

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gf: babe come over

me (a lawnmower) : no i cant im cutting the grass and you live in the sky

gf: my parents are out

me: image

at what point does a joke die because i think we’ve beaten this horse into the ground with an aluminum bat

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please look at this picture of michelle obama and sportacus


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